Over the years, Data Capture Institute has published almost a thousand monographs and treatises to illuminate the technology and applications of barcode. Many of these were created as “clients only” documents and can’t be shared without permission. Others have been published and continue to have present-day broad application. Listed below are several popular resources that have been shared by many followers of DCI. Please contact us if you would like us to hunt a copy down for you.


Using Bar Code: Why It's Taking Over, enjoyed five printings, and is perhaps the most widely read book on barcode in the world. It was written by David J. Collins and Nancy N. Whipple in response to the data collection problems and questions from some of the thousands of our seminar participants. This 325-page book, with numerous illustrations, is easy to read and understand, not only for the technology explanation, but also in teaching how best to use barcode. It will unlock the powerful rewards of barcode applications. Though no longer in print, copies of the book are available from Amazon.

David has been featured in two recent books, both of which are available on Amazon:

Case Studies

Data Capture Case Studies & Technology was published by DCI for 8 years and presented current topics in automatic data collection within the pages of Automatic ID News magazine reaching an audience of 40,000 readers. Some topics include: Labeling, Inventory Control, Asset Tracking, Handheld Terminals, RF Connectivity, and UCC/GS1 Standards and many others.

Data Capture Institute Case Studies


Past case studies have included:

  • Raw Materials in Manufacturing
  • Retail Flow-Through Replenishment
  • Shipping Verification
  • Fixed Asset Tracking

Topics in back-issues of our newsletter have included:

  • Strategies For Implementing Enterprise-Wide Data Collection Systems
  • Asset Tracking Benefits Large Organizations
  • If You Could Only Barcode One Process...
  • Inventory Control Using Barcode
  • RF/DC Connectivity
  • Hand-Held Data Collection Terminals
  • Fixed-Asset Tracking in Large Enterprise Systems
  • UCC Standards Update
  • Strategies for Implementing Enterprise-Wide Data Collection Systems
  • A Design Overview of Asset Tracking
  • The Changing Face of Portable Data Collection

Additional Third Party Press Coverage