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About Data Capture Institute, The Company

DCI enjoys a worldwide reputation for unparalleled technical excellence in the bar code field. We owe this to our experience with over 2000 bar code solutions, our highly trained team of specialists, and our proven track record.

As "technology accelerators," we fill a middle ground. We're neither a job shop nor a large consulting firm. Instead we're a specialized, niche resource. Our focus of expertise is the AIDC-related technologies and applications, and our projects radiate from the AIDC core. Our area of particular expertise is data gathering and relational databases.

DCI was started in 1987 by bar code pioneer David J. Collins, founder of Computer Identics Corporation, the first company to design and manufacture bar code scanning equipment. David's history with bar code goes back to the mid-1960s when he was project manager for the rail car identification project at Sylvannia/GTE. He traveled to the far corners of the globe in pursuit of bar code's early adoption and in the process, he earned a reputation as the "father" of the bar code industry. He has since received many honors for his work. David's vast experience is augmented by others who bring expertise in the following areas:

  • Bar code scanning
  • Labeling and printing
  • Software development
  • Networking
  • Hardware configuration
  • Database design

In 1996 the DCI Team was honored with the Special Director's National Honorary Award for Excellence from the Airway Facilities Division of the Federal Aviation Administration for outstanding work in the execution of the FAA's Bar Code Asset Tracking System (BCATS) contract.

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